Digital 4Sight Testimonials

"As a strategy consultant and senior analyst, Andy Dé distinguished himself amongst his peers and in the wider professional community as a truly outstanding practitioner.

While with our firm, Mr. Dé contributed some of the most original and useful ideas I have ever witnessed. As one of the authors of the 2000 business bestseller, Digital Capital- Harnessing the Power of Business Webs (Harvard Business School Press, May 2000), I was pleased to include several of his breakthrough e-business strategy frameworks in the book. He is able to drawn upon deep business and engineering expertise with ease to create powerful and effective methodologies. Client response to Mr. De has been uniformly and exceptionally positive. He has helped us form and strengthen important business relationships.

I have enjoyed working with Andy and have benefited personally from the experience. He is an exemplary professional - enthusiastic, creative, collaborative and passionate in his work. I will miss his presence with our firm. He will be an asset to any company, community or country he joins."

Founding Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Digital 4Sight, Toronto, Canada

"Andy Dé reported to me as the lead research analyst and senior strategy consultant on our yearlong multi-million dollar research program on Internet-worked supply chains for manufacturing and distribution for e-business, or what we termed Customer Fulfillment Networks (CFN). Over 25 leading companies across the US, Canada and Europe, contributed US $ 125,000 each for exclusive access to this syndicated research.

Andy is one of the most outstanding strategy consultants and business researchers I have worked with. He possesses a rare combination of technical knowledge, business skills and creative thinking ability and his research and analysis of technology impacts were highly sought-after and appreciated by our clients.

His research efforts highlighting best practices in the arena of e-business fulfillment, resulted in five business research papers that were outstanding in the scope and quality of research, the depth of analysis and the original business insights delivered to our clientele, and received extremely positive customer feedback

Andy's abilities as a business strategy consultant were highly valued and sought after by our Fortune 50 clients. His strategy frameworks were deployed by the founders of Digital 4Sight, Don Tapscott, David Ticoll and Alex Lowy in their best-selling business strategy book - Digital Capital: Harnessing the Power of Business Webs, published by Harvard Business School Press, in May 2000.

The enduring value of Andy's contribution to furthering an understanding of e-business strategy is further evidenced by the inclusion of his work in our recent book, The Power of the 2X2 Matrix (Alex Lowy and Phil Hood, authors), published by Wiley in May 2004.

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Digital 4Sight, Toronto, Canada