i2 Technologies Testimonials

"Andy combines the ability to think creatively, a strong business background and mindset, and a phenomenal ability to execute.

Andy will be missed here at i2. It says a great deal when every one of his colleagues is both saddened and disappointed by his departure. I would hire Andy again in a heartbeat.

I wish him all the best in his next endeavors, and my congratulations to those with whom he next shares his prodigious talents."

Executive Vice-President (EVP) and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

"Andy Dé is a strategic marketing thinker and a team player who listens well.

He is a true Marketing Machine - comes up with original ideas and takes them from concept to completion. Andy is high energy, very passionate and yet, extremely focused towards his goals and objectives."

Senior Product Marketing Manager

"Your accomplishments since joining i2 in September of 2000 include the following (over the first six months):

From the beginning, your can-do attitude has been very apparent. You joined the company and immediately exemplified the owner attitude which i2 strives to instill in all employees."

Senior Vice-President (SVP) of Marketing