SAP Health-Sciences Testimonials


"The Partners Healthcare Center for Personalized Genetic Medicine invited Andy Dé to attend and author a report on the Personalized Medicine Conference at the Harvard Medical School. Andy's perspectives on Personalized Medicine and Health-Sciences can be found at his blog".

"Congratulations, Andy on your recognition as 'One of the Top 10 Twitters on Healthcare IT and Social Media in Healthcare in 2010-11' - the recognition is richly deserved!"

Director, Center for Connected Health, Harvard Medical School

"Thank you for sending me your blog-post on the Personalized Medicine Conference at the Harvard Medical School. I think that it is extraordinarily well-done.

These are indeed the issues the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC) wishes to address. We would welcome SAP joining us, and especially your participation in our efforts."

Executive Director, Personalized Medicine Coalition –

"Andy's a creative thinker, with a real passion for the Health-Science industry, and when combined with his boundless energy, I've seen firsthand how that infectious enthusiasm has rubbed off on his peers and subordinates, taking his team to a whole new level of performance. If you want to get some idea of the enthusiasm, energy and insight that Andy brings to any team, check out his blog at"

Research Director, Gartner Group

"Andy is a leader, a mentor and a team player with "contagious enthusiasm" rolled into one – he is easily one of the most strategic, consummate and creative innovation leaders I have known. He would be my first choice for Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) on my team if I found my own company".

Senior Vice-President (SVP) of Solutions Management, SAP

"Dear Andy, Congratulations on being identified as Top Talent during this year's talent review cycle!

My colleagues and I are proud and pleased to welcome you again to SAP's "Top Talent" community."

EVP, Solutions Marketing, Product and Technology Group (PTG), SAP

"I have great respect and regard for Andy on a professional and personal level. I had the pleasure of working closely with him this past year on a research project analyzing global business trends and strategies in life sciences. This project has been greatly appreciated by CIO's in over 20 large pharma, biotech and medical device manufacturing companies.

He is a high energy leader with strong domain expertise in health-sciences. He has great ability to simplify complex scenarios and promptly boil down problems to their root causes. I look forward to continue to closely work with Andy in the future as his knowledge and expertise are constantly thought provoking."

Vice President, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Gartner Group

"Dear Andy, I would like to express my appreciation and thank you for your White Paper on Targeted Integrated Marketing (TIM). This is excellent work that provided us with an end-to-end methodology for delivering targeted marketing campaigns driven by a ROI perspective that is critical for us.

I would also like to acknowledge that your paper provided us with the platform for our marketing and demand generation strategy and initiatives in 2005 and beyond."

Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management (SCM), Sloan School of Management at MIT;
Director MIT Leaders for Manufacturing Program and Founder-CEO, Logic Tools